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Replacing Diablo Door Handles.
The two door handles in the Diablo suffer numerous scratches over time due to the fact that they are made from a soft plastic material. Fortunately replacing them is simple and not expensive (by Lamborghini standards). 
Joseph Martinez from:- submitted the following description and photographs.  There is also a more detail description for removing a Diablo door panel on this site at  click here.


Fig 1. Remove the small screws to expose the two bolts behind the caution light Fig. 2. Remove the black plug being careful not to damage the leather to expose another bolt. Fig 3. Remove the speaker grill. On the 6.0 you only gently pry out the black part, the polished ring stays with the speaker. Then remove the speaker to expose yet another bolt.
Fig 1. Lastly remove the three forward panel screws to get to the last bolt. The panel lifts off and upward. I tied mine to the door frame using a piece of wire so as to not damage it. Fig 4. Two 10MM bolts hold the handle in. Just remove and push upward from the inside (not outward)

When replacing, be sure to use some silicone to stick the washers to the new handle. I also had to trim off a small foam gasket from the old handle as the new ones did not have it. To replace just reverse all steps.
Fig 5. Door with handle removed.


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