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Repairing Windscreen Glass Cracks

One very disheartening event that can occur when driving your Lamborghini is the windscreen gets struck by a stone. Small stones are not too serious and are really just an eye sore. A large stone can create a situation where the crack expands and spreads over time. There is little that can be done is these situations. Your choice is either replace the whole window or put up with the crack.  In the latter case it is important to stop the crack from spreading

When a crack occurs it is important to treat it right away. Any heating and cooling of the glass will potentially cause the crack to elongate.  Fortunately there are a number of commercial products available at auto stores that allow you to quickly halt the spread of a crack.  Essentially these products are epoxy liquids that are activated by sunlight. First they are allowed to seep into the crack before polymerization begins. It is often helpful to attach a small mirror on the other side of the glass as you apply sealant.

  Figure 1. Cracked Windscreen

Fig. 2 shows such a mirror. Fig. 3 shows the sealant being applied to the glass surface. After it has polymerized (~30 minutes in sunlight) a razor blade can be applied to remove excess epoxy.

In cases where the crack is much larger you may want to consider calling in a professional. Most cities have individuals that do "house calls" to fix car window cracks.  They use essentially the same process.  However it is a bit more sophisticated. They use a device to hold a syringe type chamber over the glass crack. The epoxy liquid is then forced in under pressure.  Figures 4,5 and 6 show  such an approach being used.

Fig 2.   Place mirror behind crack Fig 3.   Add epoxy sealant on crack   Fig 4.   Device to add epoxy under pressure
Fig 5.   Adding epoxy under pressure Fig 6.  Close-up  of epoxy addition  

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